A long and happy life

My friend Warren (click here to read his very funny blog and here to buy his very wonderful cookbook) did a post on his blog yesterday that featured a version of his bucket list. As is usually the case with Warren, most of it was funny. But the final line struck a chord in me: he listed a few of the things that he believes makes for a long and happy life.

And I started thinking about what I would include on a list of things that make for a long and happy life. Of course the list could be endless; but if I had to condense it into a single short list, what would it look like?

Here’s my thoughts – at least for today…

Good music, good books, good food, good friends. Pen and paper for writing. Wheels and wings for traveling. Mountains and beaches and ocean breezes. Sleep. Love. Family. Kisses and hugs. Dogs. Wine. Chocolate. Football. Rain and thunderstorms. Long walks and long talks.

And a long life to enjoy them all.

How about you? What would be on your list? Did I miss anything?

Here’s to a long and happy life for everyone…

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2 Responses to A long and happy life

  1. Barbara Regan says:

    What happened to basketball? More importantly (for me) — baseball.

  2. Beth says:

    Very true, Barbara. I guess I should have said sports! Although then I might have to watch bowling… 🙂

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