VERY EXCITING NEWS – and your part!

Okay, you all have been SO patient, waiting for me to spill the beans about my BIG NEWS. And finally…here it is!

Recently, my songwriter friend John Reno mentioned that Folgers was running a jingle contest, and suggested that maybe we might consider entering it. Of course I agreed – how hard could it be to write a 90 second jingle about coffee? So I helped put some words together, and John added some music, and voila! We had a jingle! Now we needed a video…

So John enlisted our friend John Patti to play the steel drums on said video, our friend Shurl Gates filmed it, JP edited it, and they sent it off to Folgersland.

Now, I don’t win anything. Ever. So I forgot about the contest because – well, I never win anything.

Until the day John Reno texted me to let me know that my luck had changed…because…

We were semi-finalists!!!!

I don’t know how many entries there were – last year there were over 1,000. But somehow our video ended up as one of the ten chosen to compete for the grand prize.

Can you say WOO HOO?!?!?

My words, played on the computers and SmartPhones of America. I was more than excited!!

Anyway, here’s where you come in. To become one of the five finalists and compete for the grand prize, we need America to vote for our jingle. Every day. Starting at noon Eastern time today, and lasting until April 25th.

What’s in it for you? Well, besides my undying gratitude, each vote will earn YOU the chance to win $10,000. How’s that for bait?

Voting starts at noon today, Eastern time. To vote, go to and look for the video labeled “John P of North Port, FL” – that’s us! You can vote every day. And each vote will enter you in the drawing for $10,000, as well as the daily prize of five $100 grocery gift cards. So there’s something in it for you, too!

I’d really appreciate your help. And if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them. And I’d also appreciate it if you asked anyone/everyone you know to vote. After all, they could win $10,000, too!

Thanks SOO much for being willing to vote!

So at noon Eastern time today, you know where I’ll be – or at least, what I’ll be doing! And I hope you’ll be doing it too.

Thanks again!!! And now, I believe I’ll go find myself a cup of coffee.

“The best part of wakin’ up…is Folgers in your cup!”

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6 Responses to VERY EXCITING NEWS – and your part!

  1. Julie says:

    Wow, Beth! Pretty cool!

  2. Roxanne Ruane says:

    who is it we’re voting for? there is NO john R… just a john P in Florida.

  3. YvonneB says:

    Listened to them all, yours is the best! How fun is this!

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