Old friends

Met high school friends for lunch and a quick trip to the beach on Sunday. I saw Diane and Dave in October in Las Vegas, but we didn’t have a lot of time to talk. So Deb contacted them when I decided to dash over here for a quick visit, and arranged a get-together at Dave and Olga’s new home.

And it was a wonderful afternoon. We hung out at the beach, then returned to Dave and Olga’s beautiful home for a home-cooked Thai lunch. Who knew that David would become such a great chef and handyman?

Anyway, it was a wonderful visit. We talked about our lives since high school, and some of the things we’ve observed about ourselves as a result of growing up overseas. It’s interesting to hear other people talk about some of the things Deb and I have noticed in our own lives – especially friends we knew in our teens.

It’s great to reconnect with old friends. And we’re looking forward to the next time we have the chance to sit down and catch up. At least it won’t be such a long time between visits next time! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, everyone!

(And thanks to Didi for the first two pictures!)

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