I’m spending the week in Florida, visiting my sis and BIL. So if posts are few and far between for the next few days, know that I’m sunning, listening to my favorite musicians, watching baseball games, eating too much, drinking just enough, and hanging out with my family. Oh yes, and most likely spending some time at the beach – I hear the Gulf calling me!

I promise to return with pictures and stories of my time in the tropics. And will try to post as I find stray wireless signals. Hope you have a great First Week of Spring – I know I will!

Stay tuned!


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4 Responses to Floridaze

  1. Barbara Regan says:

    Being a native Floridian (Tampa) that’s been away since 1963 (Dad moved us to TX), I look forward to your postings and photos!

    • Beth says:

      We’re having a great time, Barbara! I’m in Port Charlotte, just down the road from Tampa. The weather is gorgeous and we’re spending a lot of time hanging out by the pool. It’s rough! 🙂 Will add photos when I have a better wireless connection…and will give FL your regards!

  2. Debbie D says:

    Glad you’re catching some Florida rays (Rays?)!!!
    Enjoy your time!

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