Highs and lows

At the top of a mountain

So this weekend March Madness officially swung into full swing, with a slew of great basketball games. And of course, I joined the countless millions that tried to guess which teams would beat which teams, and which would progress through the championship to the Final Four and eventually be crowned National Champion. (Too bad college football hasn’t figured out how to do the same thing.)

I’ve filled in a bracket for years, and have always enjoyed the process. It’s mind-bending, trying to pick the winners of each game before a ball has bounced. In the past I’ve done really well (well, except for last year – no one did well last year), and actually won the office pool one year. Besides the challenge, it gives you a reason to root for teams that you otherwise would care nothing about, since if they win, you win.

And at the bottom of one

But the opposite is also true – if they lose, you lose. And this year my teams have been losing more than winning. So I’m wondering how smart it is to have a bracket, when I’m disappointed each time one of my chosen teams falls? Maybe I should avoid the emotional involvement next year and just watch the games without caring who wins. Why bring disappointment into my life, even when it’s self-induced?

I’m also noticing fewer and fewer hits on my blog recently, and that has me puzzled. And disappointed, truth be told. What am I doing differently that makes 117 people stop by one day, and now only 40? Are my pictures ugly? My stories boring? My deep thoughts not so deep? Being overly analytical, I try to figure out how I can bring those missing folks back into the fold – and why they left in the first place. And then I begin to think I should just stop blogging, if I’m going to be disappointed when I check the stats and see the numbers shrink.

Yes, I know another solution would be to stop checking the stats. But being true to my naturopathic leanings, I prefer to diagnose the problem instead of masking the symptoms.

I guess I can’t just avoid situations that can result in disappointment. The flip side of that is, you also avoid the potential for great joy. But is a life of extremes preferable to a life of solid predictability? I spent years biking up mountains with my ex-husband, just so he could experience the joy of flying down them again. Me, I hate going up; I’d rather peacefully ride the flats.

So until I come up with a way to experience the highs without risking the lows, I guess I’ll either have to learn to deal with disappointment, or get used to riding the flats. Or figure out how to write interesting blog posts again! (I’m open to suggestions.)

Thanks for stopping by to see what I’m doing; I hope I can keep you coming back, because it’d be awfully lonely here without you.

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10 Responses to Highs and lows

  1. pat says:

    Did you cut your hair? Looks soo cute…even if it is just back in a pony, it looks cute!

    Maybe folks stopped coming when you lost your blog, and they don’t realize you are back in business? Or, maybe it’s spring break for many, and vaca is taking all their time? Your posts are still entertaining and as introspective as they have ever been, so it may just be the ebb and flow of life. Just hold on a minute, and put away the lash…you are so hard on YOU!

    This is a fun place to visit, people will come…have a good weekend!

    • Beth says:

      It’s an old picture, Pat – when I had really short hair. But thanks for the compliment! 🙂

      And thanks for the kind words. I know, I’m my own worst enemy. I’ll keep plugging away, and hope for the best.

      Thanks for being one of the ones who DO keep coming back!

  2. John Reno says:

    Once again, I will repeat the words of my best friend, Dennis Gray… “Don’t beat yourself up, there’s plenty of people willing to do it for you.” Your blog is fine! I agree with Pat, plenty of folks are probably on Spring Break vacation.

    In fact, now that the weather is moderating, I suspect that many, particularly those who have endured acute cabin fever for the last several months, are getting away from their computers and televisions and re-discovering the outdoors.

    You’re just experiencing low tide. It will rise again…. it always does. 😉

  3. phil says:

    Cabin fever? No such thing here in Phx, Az, John! 🙂

  4. Barbara Regan says:

    Hi Beth! I’m actually new to your blog. Our mutual friend Adrienne (we live in the same condo complex and she and my husband work together) shared your link and I’ve been enjoying your blog since first reading about her weekend with you. Truly enjoy your writing and your photos. I’m not one to get on-line daily but when I do I’ll be checking out your blog.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for stopping by. Please give Adrienne a big hug for me – I’m so glad you took the time to read about our weekend, and comment. We had a wonderful time; she’s a dear friend. Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ll look forward to hearing from you again!

  5. Julie says:

    Beth, I am wondering if it may be the new format with WordPress that may cause a drop in the numbers showing on your actual blog page. With the new WordPress, I quickly and easily was able to set up a “Daily Digest” of your blog posts which go directly to my email account. Sometimes, I just read your blog there and never open up the web. I think my viewing would not get registered when I do that. In this case, I clicked on the “Comments” in the email, and it opened my web browser to come to the actual page.

    Some folks may just be lost, if they had no way to follow you other than on the defunct Blogspot page. I can imagine how they miss your posts! I honestly think the drop in your blog viewers is due to those 2 reasons and doesn’t reflect an intentional loss by your followers.

    So, never having done all these sports pools, you mean that you actually lose money?! I didn’t even realize money was involved, but sometimes I have my head in the sand. My state only allows the lottery, and that was only because they needed more state funds. I am oblivious to any sort of money gambling, here.

    • Beth says:

      Julie, I never thought about that. Thanks so much for the heads-up. I’ll assume there are thousands of people reading my blog through the digests. :))

      Folks seem to be finding the new blog, but since many never comment, I don’t know if I’ve lost anyone. I’ll just have to hope that they keep looking, if they’re truly wondering where I am.

      And you don’t have to get involved in a pool that costs anything; many charge $10 or something minimal like that, and then you win a percentage of the total fees if you come in first, etc. I don’t know about the legal issues that would be involved – it’s usually just groups of friends, coworkers, etc., that do it, and nothing official or organized. The ones on ESPN, etc., don’t charge.

      Either way, I’m still losing!

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