The Song Remembers When

I’m working on a song about memories, but I’m having a hard time. Because instead of creating original lyrics, this song keeps running through my head.

It’s one of my favorite Trisha Yearwood songs. I sang it as I crossed Teton Pass outside of Jackson, WY, believing that’s the very spot the writer (Hugh Prestwood) was thinking of when he wrote it.

It’s amazing how something as innocuous as a song can bring back such strong memories. Sit back and enjoy this beautiful piece of music.

I was standin’ at the counter
I was waitin’ for the change
When I heard that old familiar music start
It was like a lighted match
Had been tossed into my soul
It was like a dam had broken in my heart

After taking every detour
Gettin’ lost and losin’ track
So that even if I wanted
I could not find my way back
After drivin’ out the memory
Of the way things might have been
After I’d forgotten all about us
The song remembers when

We were rolling through the Rockies
We were up above the clouds
When a station out of Jackson played that song
And it seemed to fit the moment
And the moment seemed to freeze
When we turned the music up and sang along

And there was a God in Heaven
And the world made perfect sense
We were young and were in love
And we were easy to convince
We were headed straight for Eden
It was just around the bend
And though I have forgotten all about it
The song remembers when

I guess something must have happened
And we must have said goodbye
And my heart must have been broken
Though I can’t recall just why
The song remembers when

Well, for all the miles between us
And for all the time that’s passed
You would think I hadn’t gotten very far
And I hope my hasty heart
Will forgive me just this once
If I stop to wonder how on earth you are

But that’s just a lot of water
Underneath a bridge I burned
And there’s no use in backtracking
Around corners I have turned
Still I guess some things we bury
Are just bound to rise again
For even if the whole world has forgotten
The song remembers when

Yeah, and even if the whole world has forgotten
The song remembers when.

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3 Responses to The Song Remembers When

  1. Pat says:

    Not usually a country music fan, but that song is just gorgeous…tears flowing. Yep, it got me! Where’s the Kleenex?

  2. Beth says:

    Isn’t it great, Pat? It’s been running through my head for days. She does pick beautiful songs – here’s another one. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Barbara Regan says:

    Now isn’t this just the truth! When we least expect it music will bring back and/or up all kinds of memories — the good/the bad/the ugly. Go with the flow and remember how far you’ve come.

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