Spring Training – D’backs vs. Rockies

Saturday we went back to Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, the new spring training home of the Diamondbacks and Rockies. But this time we went to see a game – Phil’s two favorite teams were playing, so it was the perfect time to return.

It was our first evening spring training game, and was a treat! Warm breezes, hot dogs, soft pretzels, and a gorgeous sunset. I even got a wee bit chilly after the sun went down!


The first 1.5 inning took almost an hour, and we settled in for a long game. But it sped up, and the seventh inning stretch came before we knew it.




We hung out on the lawn with the other smart people (why be cramped in a teeny seat when you can lounge on a blanket?) and enjoyed the show in the cheap seats almost as much as the game.










The last couple of innings we were entertained by one of the cutest little girls in the universe. She wandered around the crowd fist-bumping and high-fiving anyone in reach – and crawling into the laps of friendly-looking women. If kids were all that cute all the time, I’d have a hundred! (Okay, maybe not. But she was doggone cute. Almost as cute as my cousins’ little Lally.)(I said almost, Nicole!)

We left somewhere in the 8th inning – I was cold, and we had another stop to make before the evening was over. But we had a blast – and plan to attend another game or two. I guess that means I’d better buy some more tickets!

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2 Responses to Spring Training – D’backs vs. Rockies

  1. Nicole says:

    Awwww! How cute!!! And thanks for the ‘almost’ comment!!

  2. Beth says:

    Lally is The Cutest Little Girl in the World, Nicole! 🙂 No contest there. Closely followed by the Cutest Little Boy in the World!!!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow, Lally!

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