Very Exciting News

I MIGHT have some Very Exciting News to share in the coming days. I’m not going to tell you what it is right now; you’ll just have to keep checking back to see if I’ve spilled the beans…

Don’t bother trying to weasel it out of me. I’m very good at keeping secrets. Even bribes don’t work. (You could try chocolate and tequila, though.)

On that note, I’ll sneak away and resume whatever it was that I was doing. Leaving you breathless with anticipation.

At least pretend you are, for my sake. 🙂

Don’t you just love surprises?

Stay tuned…we all might be doing the Happy Dance very soon!

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7 Responses to Very Exciting News

  1. Warren says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to hear!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ooh ooh ooh!!!, I know, I know!!! Can I tell ’em? Can I, can I? 😉

  3. LoriH says:

    You two suck! I am horrible about this stuff and I wanna know NOW! I know who anonymous is, and I want you to tell ASAP. Thats just mean… ::crosses arms and pouts::

  4. phil says:

    I could tell ya, Lori … but then I’d have to … deal with Beth!

  5. Julie says:

    Oh! This is very good to hear that some major excitement in a good way is on the horizon! 😀

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