I can’t believe that my friend Jan has been gone for a year. The sharp pain of losing her has faded, but that doesn’t mean I miss her any less.

So many things remind me of her. When I drink a glass of red wine, I think of the spots on her white shirts. We used to joke about giving her a shirt with wine spots already on it. It wasn’t that she was messy – just that someone was always bumping into her and spilling it.

I think of her when I walk past a Black/White store. Jan, Lori and I spent a day shopping, and Lori and I sat on a bench and chatted while we waited for Jan. We finally realized she’d been gone a really long time, and thought she had continued shopping without us. But it turned out she found some great bargains in Black/White, and was STILL in the same store where we left her, shopping for a Disney cruise they were taking with their family.

There was Halloween, when she stuffed a couple of huge balloons under her shirt and went as the winner of a wet t-shirt contest. Listening to her explain how she painted glasses. The hours we talked at the Nav-A-Gator, at parties, and concerts. And the last time I saw her, when she explained how her life was going to change because of her diagnosis, and how she’d miss her wine, but it was a small price to pay.

Jan was warm, friendly, caring. Patient. Funny. Bright. You always knew where you stood with her. But overall, I remember her offering her friendship to the new girl in town, when I didn’t know many people.

I like to think that she’s still out there somewhere, laughing, drinking wine, walking on the beach. Loving her family. Being a friend.

Wherever she is, I hope she knows how much she was, and is, loved.

Miss you, my friend.

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4 Responses to Jan

  1. John Reno says:

    Ditto, Beth. My fondest memory of her is when I last played at Fishermen’s Village and had Keeper with me. She LOVED him! She played with him the whole time.

    I miss her too. 😦

  2. Beth says:

    Folks live on in our memories, JR. And that’s a good one.

  3. LoriH says:

    That sunny day on that darn bench, her prolonged shopping at her “new find” store for that family cruise allowed us to sit there and cultivate our new friendship on a beautiful relaxing day. She was in there HOURS! LOL I also remember going to that “crap” show – I think in Ft. Myers – and she spotted a picture and said immediately, “I have to get this for John Reno. This is so him, and he will love it.” She was so glad to find a perfect thing to let a good friend know she had been thinking of him. Genuine to a T is how I remember her. Boy, Jan was a gift. You dont find many like her. RIP Jan…we love you.

    • Beth says:

      Yes, she played a part in our friendship, LH. And I’m sure she’s pleased at how that turned out. I had forgotten about the crap show – that was an awesome day. Thanks for the good memory. We were lucky to have her as a friend. And I’m lucky to have you as mine!!

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