The cultivation of friendship

Friday. The weekend approacheth. Or maybe it’s already here, depending on what time you decide it begins. My weekend will begin at 3pm, when I leave work and head home to prepare for Adrienne’s arrival.

My friend Adrienne will be spending the weekend here in the desert, so we can celebrate our birthdays together. I don’t think she’s been to Phoenix before, and I haven’t done much touristy stuff, so we’ll do some of that. We’ll also do some eating and drinking and talking and walking, and more talking, and even more talking. I haven’t seen her in forever, so we have a lot to catch up on!

Adrienne and I sailed around the world together in 2005. Her office was next to mine – in fact, she had to go through my office to leave hers. And she was a MUCH worse workaholic than I could ever imagine being. It was my unofficial duty to try to drag her out of her office by 9pm every evening (our work day ended around 5pm).

I rarely succeeded.

Over time, she slept in my guest room, and I on her couch, when our respective landlords flaked out in Pittsburgh and Charlottesville. She visited me in Florida my first winter down there, and accompanied me to a bunch of tiki bars I hadn’t had the nerve to visit alone. And she and her family comforted me when my world fell apart a couple of years ago.

Even though we don’t talk on the phone very often, or correspond very often, I know she’s always out there if I need her, and vice versa. Some friends are just like that. A friendship that doesn’t need constant watering to sustain it. In this crazy world of ours, it’s hard to tend a friendship as often as we’d like. The advent of Facebook helps keep tabs on some friends, even if it’s just knowing that they’re entering their dog in a show or shoveling snow. But time for a long phone call, or a visit, or even a long email is hard to find.

Then again, I read a quote recently that said, “”Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” (H. Jackson Brown)

Now isn’t THAT humbling?

Anyway, the months and years will slip away this weekend, as we catch up and visit and just enjoy each other’s company again. It’s too bad that we don’t cherish the time we spend with friends when we live near each other; it’s not until they’re far away that you realize how nice it was to meet for coffee, or a walk, or a long chat.

So this weekend I’ll treasure each moment spent with my friend, and not think about the time when I have to take her back to the airport and she’ll slip out of my life again. Never gone, just a little further away.

Stay tuned for stories and pictures from our weekend adventure when I return! Have a great weekend – meet a friend for coffee. Or just call them, and tell them how important they are to you.

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8 Responses to The cultivation of friendship

  1. Roxanne says:

    Amen to that sista! Have a wonderful time! Nothing like time spent catching up with someone like it was just yesterday!!!
    PS – go to the library and check out their culture passes. SERIOUSLY – free admittance to much touristy stuff! (that’s my tip o’ the day for you – heed it for more drinkin’ money! LOL)

  2. Marjorie says:

    Please give Adrienne a hug for me. And you guys have a great weekend!

  3. LoriH says:

    Have an awesome weekend, Birthday Girls! Wishing you lots of love and fun and TIME to fit it all in!


  4. Ann Byrns says:

    AH, YES! I have a good girl friend like that (Donna). Your blog made me miss her all the more–the coffee chats especially. Have a wonderful weekend!

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