The Three Johns

Too much work and too little sleep recently, so here’s a musical interlude. Two talented guitar players, two soulful singers, and killer steel drums. It’s a song you might recognize, if you’re a Buffett fan. And if not, well – you might still enjoy it!

Jimmy Buffett tells the story that he wrote this song about his grandfather when he was just starting out. Someone told him they liked the song, but the ending was too sad. So if he’d change it, they’d be interested. He said no thank you, and went on to record his own music his own way.

I’m thinking he’s done okay.

This was a house concert in my old stomping grounds in SWFL with my song-writing buddy John Reno, and musicians John Frinzi and John Patti = The Three Johns. Looks like it was a pretty nice day, all in all!

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