Shiny shiny shiny

Dropped the MacBook at my local Apple store yesterday for a tune-up. The CD drive had died, the top cover cracked, the letters worn off the keys, and its poor little brain was slowing down. They waved their magic wand and voila! It’s as good as new. Or maybe better. 🙂

This was the third time (or fourth…) I used the extended warranty that Farf convinced me to buy when I bought my little Mac. I don’t usually buy those, but he made a good case for it. And he was right. This model has an issue with the top edge of the keyboard chipping off, so I’ve been able to replace it three (or four) times for free (okay, it wasn’t free, but the cost of the warranty was far less than the repairs would have run, so – close enough).

Only problem is, the warranty runs out next month. So from now on, I’ll need to be more careful. I guess I’ll just have to type softer.

Anyway, the weekend looms. Phil has a friend who’s biking across America, and this weekend he’s taking a break in Phoenix. He and Phil will be biking across the Valley together; I’ll be shuttling the boys and their bikes at the beginning and end of their days. There are a couple of festivals I want to hit, in my quest to explore more of the city. And as always, I have work to do and to-do items to cross off the list.

But right now I’m going to enjoy gazing at the “s” on my keyboard, since it won’t be there very long…

TGIF, y’all!

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One Response to Shiny shiny shiny

  1. LoriH says:

    And the E, D, C, R, T, I, O, N and M on mine. I like shiny!!! Enjoy!

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