National Margarita Day

I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is….no, not did I get any sleep Tuesday night (the answer: not much). But thanks for asking. It has to be whether I celebrated the newest national holiday. And if so, where?

What holiday, you ask? Why, National Margarita Day!

And did I celebrate it? What do you think?

And where? Also, what do you think? Where else would I celebrate National Margarita Day but at…Margaritaville!

And how lucky am I that there’s one in Phoenix? Saved me having to drive to another state…

Anyway, I took a break from my “Day From Heck,” donned my margarita earrings, and Phil and I drove across the Valley to Westgate, a very cool shopping/activity center in Glendale. There are lots of cool restaurants, two stadiums, a movie theater, dancing fountains, neon lights, shiny shiny shiny…Fun Central!

We were there a few weeks ago on a Saturday evening for a Coyotes hockey game and stopped at M’Ville afterwards. But being Saturday, the place was packed, so we ducked into the bar and quickly ducked out again, deciding to return at a less popular time.

I thought National Margarita Day would be very popular at the epicenter of boat drinks, and dreaded the inevitable crowds. But I guess the cold, and being a Tuesday, and fear of the swarming masses, kept everyone home. (It can’t be that the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate the significance of the holiday!)

We found a seat at the bar and ordered a License to Chill margarita, made with blue curacao. (Deb and Daryll call them tidy bowls.)(Or maybe just Deb does.) I know they don’t look blue; there was a red light on the wall next to us.

Anyway, we limited ourselves to one, while I described other Margaritavilles to Phil and we watched the videos of the crazies that tailgate before Buffett concerts. Then since I still had work to do, we headed home. But we had a lot of fun with our own little mini-celebration.

I now have two plastic palm trees to add to my collection of VIM (Very Important Memorabilia). And another good memory to stash in the memory banks, to pull out during those not-so-good times. And I’ll look forward to celebrating again next year…heck, I might even celebrate this weekend, just to practice!

I hope you had a great Tuesday, whether or not you partook (partaked?) – imbibed – heck, regardless of what you drank. 🙂

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