A new chapter

The kind of office I've been used to

So today I return to a world I haven’t visited in years. The world of working in an office that isn’t in my home. Now I’m not diving headfirst into the experience; instead, I’m just dipping my toes into the waters. I’ll be working for a few hours a day for the next 6-7 weeks, doing office work of some kind. I’m not really sure what, just yet.

It’s been over four years since I held a full-time job. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t worked, just that I haven’t worked for someone else. After all this time, it’s a little scary returning to that world.

Okay, a lot scary.

Now, I worked for many many years, at regular jobs. But taking a few years off has spoiled me. Although working from home does have its down side. You are never “off.” There’s always work to do, be it writing query letters or researching agents or writing books or working contract jobs. Regular people in regular jobs work, and then go home and stop working. (Well, except for workaholics. That’s why I said “regular” people.) I always feel like every minute I’m not working is a minute wasted.

Anyway, I’ve known for a while that I needed to get back into the workaday world. (Thank you, stock market.) But as you can see, I haven’t been overly successful. I always found reasons to avoid taking a “real” job – or the economy in my area made it hard to find a position. Or life got in the way. But now I can’t make any more excuses. It’s time.

So I decided this was a good first step. I worked as a temp for years and enjoyed the variety, the flexibility, and the appreciation the clients showed. I found an agency with a position that fit my needs: short-term, part-time, and not in downtown Phoenix, which is still a little scary to me. Hopefully the people will be nice, the work will be interesting, and I’ll find out that it’s not so scary after all.

So wish me luck today, as I reenter a once-familiar world. Hopefully I’ll soon find a position that challenges and excites me, and the transition will be painless. And I’ll figure out how to fit in writing around work life and personal life. I did it once! I can do it again.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for sending all the extra good vibes you have today! Wish me luck…

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8 Responses to A new chapter

  1. pat says:

    All the best, Beth…any employer would be thrilled with you! Your natural work ethic will kick in, and ta-da!, you will be back full time and loving it! And, I just know you will find the perfect job…just around the corner.

  2. Maria Lima says:

    Best of luck!! I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly, but yeah, changing a routine as drastically as this is a bit nervewracking.

    • Beth says:

      Nervewracking is a good description. It IS just changing a routine. I’ll be glad when the day is over, and I know it’ll be fine. Thanks!!!

  3. LoriH says:

    LUCK Beth! You will be great. Once I went back FT a bit ago, I realized how much I missed being so productive! It made my free time MORE relaxing. Well, actually, b/c I really then DID have free time.

    Break a Leg!

  4. bajadock says:

    It’s just another adventure. Keep up the great exploring.
    ~from your fan club in Mexico

  5. deb d. says:

    I think with any change there is some smidgin of pain involved… so don’t expect this to be entirely painless. But I think you’re smart easing yourself back into this, allowing the process to be one of evolving instead of cold-turkey.

    And this workplace is going to be counting its blessings…. you for one.

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