Rob Mehl – Waiting for Jimmy

Okay, I haven’t tried embedding a video in the new platform yet, so thought this would be a good chance to practice.

We saw Rob play a couple of weeks ago here in Phoenix with two other Trop Rockers, Bob Karwin and Brent Burns. I’d talked to Rob in Key West in November – in fact, I lent him my umbrella during one of the torrential downpours that plagued us during Meeting of the Minds. And he is friends with friends of mine. But we had never officially met, until now. He and Phil share a love of teaching, so found lots to talk about before the show.

This song is actually about MOTM, the annual gathering of Parrotheads in Key West. It’s the best video I could find of Rob singing. And it’s fun for me, because I know some of the people he mentions in it. It refers to every Parrothead’s dream during MOTM, believing that THIS year, Jimmy Buffett will show up. So they spend the weekend…waiting for Jimmy.

My favorite song of Rob’s is called “Slow Down Summer,” but the sound on that video is a little bit scratchy, and doesn’t represent his rich voice. (You can find it on YouTube if you’re curious.)

Anyway, Rob lives in SoCal, and doesn’t really claim to be a Trop Rocker. He sings about life and love and surfing – not necessarily in that order.

So enjoy a few minutes listening to someone new to the musical part of my blog. I think you’ll be pleased!

(Hey! It worked!)

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