Your own personal Super Bowl, every day

Climbing Red Mountain in Carbondale, CO. I was the best mountain-climber I could be that day!

First, congrats to all Green Bay Packers fans (I’m pretty sure none of the Packers are reading this, so I won’t congratulate them)! It was a good game – which is rare for a Super Bowl. I was rooting for the Packers, so was happy they won. We had yummy munchies, of which I ate too much. The eternal diet starts again today! Anyway, it was a fun and rewarding Super Bowl Sunday.

Saturday we went to a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. I’m so used to watching the Spokane Chiefs, I kept forgetting that this was a professional NHL game. The crowd was into it, the facility gorgeous, the game exciting, and we won! Unfortunately we missed receiving a free “wearable blanket” (I guess they couldn’t bring themselves to call them snuggies), but when we saw how thin they were, we realized we didn’t miss much. We started the evening with margaritas and killer green chili at Camarones in Westgate with a great bartender, elegant ambiance, and delicious food. It was the highlight of the evening! We’ll be back. We stopped at Margaritaville after the game, but it was way too crowded for a hermit like me. Another place we’ll return to, at a less busy time.

Anyway, last week I heard a teacher discussing a lesson she teaches her high-risk students. She tells them they should always do their best, and then asks them if their best looks the same every day. They always answer, “Yes.” She explains why that isn’t true, that our best looks different every day. But as long as it’s your best, that’s all that matters.

Sometimes a football team doesn’t play their best game (like the Steelers), and they lose. Or they DO play their best, and they still lose. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad; it just means that the other team’s best was better that day (like the Packers). You might interview for a job and feel like you nailed it – but someone else is offered the position. That doesn’t mean you didn’t do your best; it’s just that someone else’s best was better that day. The Steelers didn’t play their best game yesterday, as a team. Maybe it was the best game a specific player ever had. But in the end, his best wasn’t good enough. That doesn’t mean he failed. It just means that someone else’s best was better.

Some days I climb mountains and slay dragons. But some days, all I can handle is being the best “me” that I can be. It’s hard to accept that my best each day isn’t perfect; I am my own worst enemy, and rarely end a day feeling as though whatever I did was good enough. I need to learn that lesson myself: that as long as I do my best, it IS enough. I can only try so hard, know so much, achieve so much. Everything has a limit. You can’t always reach your highest goals, no matter how much work you put into it. But as long as you try – that’s all that matters.

So today, I hope you feel as though you’ve done your best, whatever you choose to do. I’d like to end the day feeling as though I made progress toward the goals I set for myself. Give yourself credit. Set attainable goals. And always, do your best. Make today your own Super Bowl!

I’m off to write my best song and best query letter. Or, better yet, write a song and a query letter, and then pat myself on the back for doing the best I could do today. And try NOT to think that maybe, if I wait until tomorrow, I’ll do it better. (Maybe that’s where my tendency to procrastinate comes from.)

I hope you have your best day ever!

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3 Responses to Your own personal Super Bowl, every day

  1. LoriH says:

    And sometimes I choose to NOT do my best, to just relax and hang out or be bad and eat junky stuff and watch reality TV and not shovel the walk just b/c that day I feel like taking a break, am overwhelmed, am tired, physically or mentally, am under the weather or just taking a “me day.” And those days are okay too! NOT doing my best or striving to do my best is also okay some days. Variety is the spice of life, and a good friend once (or a million times) told me, “Be kind to yourself.” On those days of self-indulgent life absence, sometimes my non-best is my best! And I so enjoy that too! Have a “best” day, Beth!

    PS: Love the blog!

    • bhanggeli says:

      On those days, you’re being your best at taking care of yourself. (Well, except for the junky stuff.) And for us, that’s hard to do, so yay you!

      Ima try to follow your lead…tomorrow. 🙂

      And thanks!

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