Don't get weirded out; it's a Disney graveyard

So yesterday three people emailed or texted me to let me know that my old blog had mysteriously reappeared.

After I picked up my jaw from the floor I checked it out, and voila! My beautiful blog was back where it belonged.

I did a happy dance, and spent a few minutes browsing through the familiar pages. It was like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. I marveled at the sheer number of posts, the links to pictures on Kodak Gallery, how easily I posted my thoughts and adventures over the years. It was pretty amazing. I guess absence can indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Then I took the time to save a copy of all of the posts that I hadn’t been able to find online. (I’ve been searching for cached copies of the blog online, and found most of the posts, but not all.) So now my laptop holds a picture of every post I ever did (I think).

I wasn’t able to actually get into the blog to post, nor were all the pictures showing up, but I figured I had time to mess with that. Google obviously was still tinkering with it.

Well, they were. But they were deleting it. Today when I tried to log on, it came up with a new message. Not that it couldn’t be found, but that it had been removed.



Like gone forever.

So now I get to grieve the loss all over again. At least before, I knew it was out there. I just had to convince them to give it back. But now it’s gone. There’s no convincing anyone to return it, could I actually find someone to convince.

But at least I had the chance to look at it one more time. To copy the posts I was missing. Now I can proceed with making books out of my thoughts and adventures, as I originally planned. I’ll have to figure out which pictures I used, and it won’t be as easy as exporting a file, but it can be done. And will be, when I get the chance.

Anyway, it negates the question, “Do I go back to the old blog or continue with the new one?” The king is dead; long live the king.

Hopefully in time this blog will be as weighty as the other one was. But it was pretty daunting to look at what I had done, and think about trying to do that again. Then again, I did it a day at a time. (Hey, that’s a pretty good slogan. Someone should use that.) And I WILL do it again.

Now if someone would just send my yearbooks back to me – even for a day.

Have a great weekend – we’re off to an ice hockey game tonight, with a quick stop at Margaritaville. Can you believe I’ve lived here almost three months and haven’t been yet?? I hear a plate of nachos calling my name…

Thanks for stopping – stay tuned!

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8 Responses to RIP

  1. John Reno says:


    Be thankful that you had the opportunity. Its rare when one is afforded a brief encounter with an unresolved relationship. I’m raising my glass to your past and new blogs.


  2. bhanggeli says:

    Thanks, JR. I like your perspective. And it’s so true. I’m grateful I had one last look at it. Onward and upward, right? Glass raised back.

  3. FM says:

    Hiya Beth,

    I’m glad you got to go back and get some of the posts. Although I can’t sign into mine, I can copy all of the posts. But instead of writing directly into the blog, I usually write my posts on a word processing program on my computer, copy it and then put it on the blog. The big thing I’ll miss is the comments.

    Hope your w/e is going well.


    • bhanggeli says:

      Yeah, sounds like what happened to mine, FM. Doggone it anyway. I guess we just have to start fresh, and figure a way to back-up the blogs before the Internet eats them!

      Hope you have a fun day – stay warm, and thanks for stopping!

  4. Julie says:

    Wow! That was quite the limited opportunity, Beth! How strange that they resurfaced the blog, kept it up long enough for you to complete recovering your missing posts and THEN permanently deleted it! And, so fortunate that you were actually able to catch the blog while it was back up online! Well, I like WP’s reply format better… instantaneously, without pulling up new windows and able to sub-reply to a reply. On wards you go! 😀

    • bhanggeli says:

      Thanks Julie – everyone seems to like this one better. Or else they’re just being kind. 🙂 I was lucky to have that one last chance – now I just have to do something with all of those posts I saved!

      Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Well that’s both blechy and useful. I’m happy and sad for you.

    • bhanggeli says:

      I guess I should be glad I had one last chance to see it, and copy the missing posts. At least I didn’t lose my writing. But the history is gone. Oh well. Thanks, Kelly. I’ll just have to do it again here.

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