While a good chunk of the United States is digging out from the Storm of the Century, Phoenix is suffering a mini-storm as well. Or at least a historic event. Wednesday night was the coldest in history in the valley – or at least, since they started keeping records.

The fountains in my condominium complex all looked like this yesterday morning. This was taken at 10:30am. But even at 4:30pm, there was still remnants of the ice clinging to the masonry.

Luckily there aren’t fish living in the fountains, or we’d have fish popsicles!

It’s supposed to climb back into the 70’s next week. Can’t come soon enough for me! With everyone warning me about how brutal the summers are here, I’m trying to enjoy the temperate weather while it lasts. And during weeks like this, I nervously glance at the calendar and pray for that temperate weather to return quickly.

Note the palm tree behind the fountain. I bet it’s wondering what the heck’s going on, too!

I’ll be back when the ice melts!

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2 Responses to Brrr!

  1. John Reno says:

    Isn’t that were frozen fish sticks come from? 😉

  2. bhanggeli says:

    Ha! Must be, JR! 🙂

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