What happened to your cool website?

Yeah, I know, it’s gone. It was indeed very cool. But unfortunately, it required a Web-savvy person to maintain it. And I might spend a lot of time on the Web, but savvy I’m not. I couldn’t change it myself. Couldn’t afford to have someone else maintain it. And so it sat, pretty but relatively useless. Or at least outdated.

I play with my blog almost every day. I can change it. Heck, I can delete it! (Grrrr.) And since Google gave me the opportunity to start over again, it only made sense to replace the current site with my blog. Someday I’ll create a new website, when I have a book to sell. But for now, my blog is where I put my energy and time. So that’s what should show up when someone looks at my website.

So, cool website gone. Sniff. But new blog has replaced it. And someday, VERY cool new website will appear here. 

As my friend Julie from Texas taught me this summer, we don’t have to possess things to remember and enjoy them. They will live on in our memories, just like our friends who have passed on. For a first website, it was great. And I might even mimic some of the features of it in the next one – which will be even greater.

But for now, thanks for coming here and enjoying this very cool new blog! 

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