I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

Picture: Sunset at the pier at Ocean Beach, CA.

(Disclaimer: If you like Google, read this with the knowledge that right now, I do not like it/them at all. Sorry.)

Yep, it’s me. Really! I’m back!

Welcome to the new blog! Thanks so much for tracking me down. I apologize for taking so long to get back online, but I had to wrap my brain around the fact that I had lost the old blog, and 5+ years of my thoughts, before I could start a new one. (Luckily my wonderful friends Steve and Richard pointed out that there are cached copies of most of the posts online, so at least I didn’t lose ALL of my writing. THAT would have really sucked.)

I apologize to everyone who thought I was dead, or otherwise indisposed. Thanks to all of you who sent mail. It was great to hear from lurkers and other faithful readers – and nice to know I was missed!

What happened to my old blog? Long story short, I thought I was deleting a superfluous Google user name. But with Google, when you delete one username, you delete the entire account. And when you delete a Google account, you delete every account associated with it. And my Blogger account was associated with that Google account.

Who knew?

So when one account went, they all went. 

I don’t know if you can imagine how horrified I was when I tried to log onto my blog – and it was gone. Disappeared. Vamoosed. Outta here.

Once I stopped shaking, I tried to contact the Google Gods and ask them to pretty please return my account. But the Google Gods aren’t contactable. There’s a form you have to fill out, and it asks VERY specific questions – like the exact date I started said Google account.

Now, maybe you make a note of the date when you open an account. I don’t. I never used that account. I have no clue when I started it. 

But Google doesn’t like that answer. So they refused to reinstate my account. 

I tried guessing at the date, but had no luck. After submitting the form 3-4 times they said, “Oops. SOMEONE is trying to access your account. And since we’re SO concerned about your privacy, we’re going to shut down this form. Try again in a few days.” So I tried again in three days. But apparently three isn’t a few, and they rejected the form. I tried again in a week. Didn’t reject the form – just the answers.

So that’s where I am right now. I’ve read that they keep a blog for three months before they delete it – or a week. So either it’s still out there, or it’s not. But unless someone has a crystal ball that can tell me the exact date I opened the account, it’s moot. 

So I’m starting all over. The universe has taken my high school and college yearbooks (well, the movers lost them), my parents’ furniture (another long story), and now my blog. Apparently someone is trying to tell me something!

Bear with me as I tweak the format of this new blog. But the address won’t change. Unless I piss off another set of gods. 

It’s great to be back. I’ve been busy while I was gone, and have stories to tell. But right now, I’m going to grab a cup of coffee and search the web for more cached copies of my old posts. And maybe take another stab at that ^%$# form. 

I missed you all! Leave a comment and let me know that you found me, so I’m not sitting here writing to no one, thinking someone’s out there…thanks!!

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10 Responses to I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!

  1. Karen Helle Nemiah says:

    Yay! Triumph over evil. BOO Google. BOO Movers. BOO hoo! Roxanne will love this story and cry with ya (I can’t cry right now cuz I’m supposed to be detailing every minute of 30 choristers’ trip to NYC this weekend, but THAT, as you say, is another story inDEED!)In any case. Glad you didn’t take NO for an answer. Glad you’re BACK!! xo

  2. Beth Hanggeli says:

    Thanks Karen!! Boo to them all. Good luck with your project…and I’m glad to be back too!

  3. bajadock says:

    Welcome back, Beth.I have spent many days in Ocean Beach and at that pier. The fish tacos adjacent to the pier at South Beach Bar & Grill are my favorites. That’s blasphemous for a Mexican, right?Cheers.

  4. Beth says:

    I should have asked you before I went, Doc. I did think about you while I was there, and hopefully can get down your way on my next trip to SD. I did have fish tacos at a couple of places, though!

  5. Bird Beaker says:

    Hey Chicky!! Good to hear from ya! I been been wondering how and where you were!!! Happy Trails!!! Cheers!!Kris

  6. Kelly_McC says:

    Heyo, glad you’ve got the blog up and running again. Very sorry about the circumstances.

  7. Beth Hanggeli says:

    Hey Kris! Good to hear from you! Now you know where I am – hope all’s well down there. Take care!

  8. Beth Hanggeli says:

    Hey Kelly! Thanks for stopping. And for the kind words – sometimes technology steps on your toes, I guess. Stay warm up there!!

  9. Debra Hanggeli Doda says:

    Yay! I found you!

  10. Beth Hanggeli says:

    Yay! It’s good to be found!

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